Writing Classes

If you want to enter the literary profession the best way, I think, is through the system, and interning at a literary agency is getting into the system. The other way is to work as a waiter. Either way you have to write, get rejected, write some more, get humiliated, write some more, watch people sleeping with publishers and established critics get their terrible books published, move to Santa Fe, write some more, move back to New York, consider sleeping with a publisher, decide it’s not worth it, write some more, get rejected, and then look around one day and notice that you are actually an established writer, agent, or publisher.

-Professor McKeown, my former teacher


If you have taken writing classes in your area, please let me know the name of the program and I’ll add it to the list!

Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD
Writing Workshops Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Extension Writer’s Program
in Los Angeles, CA