Faulty Books

I’m still on a quest for good graphic novels, and I can’t believe how many are out there that I had no idea about. For me, the graphic novel is an easy way… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

I found this memoir randomly on Amazon and decided to check it out. I’m glad I did because it opened my eyes into understanding an illness that I had little knowledge about. Coming… Continue reading

Skimming Pages

It’s been a busy few months over here. I’m juggling classes where I grade essays while trying to write and have some sort of social life. During these busy times, I like to… Continue reading

See the Roses

I first read one of Nadeem Aslam’s novels while I was in grad school. He had a reading, and one thing I remember is that he lives in England and never leaves his… Continue reading

Music and Books

Whenever I hear the name Jennifer Egan, the novel A Visit from the Goon Squad pops into my mind. But I was nervous about reading it. Mostly, I was scared that I wouldn’t understand… Continue reading


I read Gillian Flynn novels when I need something I can get immersed into quickly. Many of her books are in production to be thrilling films starring academy award-winning actors. But I hadn’t… Continue reading

All Aboard

I read Orphan Train with very little knowledge of the plot. I saw that some authors I liked had given it some positive reviews, so I assumed I would feel the same way.… Continue reading

Satiating My Hunger

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Herman Koch’s The Dinner. I flipped through it and realized that the whole story was going to take place in one evening. But once I started reading, I… Continue reading

Mirrored Images

What is like to have your identical twin die? You would see her in the mirror everyday. Growing up, I remember there was a pair of twins in a dance class and I… Continue reading

Low Point

I received a lot of news about Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel, The Lowland. Her short stories from The Interpreter of Maladies left strong images in our heads and lead to her winning the Pulitzer. Unfortunately,… Continue reading