Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed

When I was young, I believed that I couldn’t ever be a writer because I didn’t want to have children. I felt that a “normal” writer went through standard stages, such as marriage… Continue reading

Bad Feminist

I saw Roxane Gay’s Ted Talk. In it, she read part of her book, Bad Feminist. It reintroduced me to feminism again, a word that I felt I had known when I took a… Continue reading

Remember Me This Way

This novel was a fun thriller and creeped me out in the spirit of Halloween. Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant is the story of a widow, Lizzie, who has mourned the death… Continue reading

The Wild Oats Project

In Robin Rinaldi’s The Wild Oats Project, she embarks on a new adventure in her 40s. Married to a wonderful husband for 20 years, Rinaldi suddenly desires to have children, which her husband refuses.… Continue reading


In the past few years, campus rape has become a much more prominent headline in the news. It’s horrifying, but it’s something we have to face and change. Our mindset about the crime… Continue reading

The Paris Wife

The last few weeks have been busy. There was some vacationing, which meant I needed a fun read on the endless plane rides. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is about Ernest Hemingway’s… Continue reading

An Untamed State

This novel was intense. Really intense. But also really really good. I love anything Roxane Gay writes–and she writes a lot! Her website is a slew of online and print publications along with… Continue reading

Everything I Never Told You

Great title, right? I wished I had thought of it. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng is a novel set in the mid-1970s with a multi-cultural family in midwest suburbia. A Chinese… Continue reading

The Lonely Polygamist

The Mormon faith is intriguing to me, and not only because they have beautiful temples all over the United States. I’m just fascinated at why they believe what they believe and how their… Continue reading

This Is Not The Story You Think It Is…

I admire people that can reread books. That’s hard for me. I feel there are so many books in the world I want to read and I need to keep getting new ones, ones… Continue reading