Going to the Dark Side

I got a chance to read Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places on Kindle. I had seen the novel on a few lists on amazon and the synopsis seemed interesting enough. It’s a novel about Libby… Continue reading

Writer’s Homes: Tennessee Williams

New Orleans is home to many important American writers. In most gift shops, you’ll find a collection of novels under the sign “New Orleans authors.” And then there are some writers who set… Continue reading

Writer’s Homes: William Faulkner

I’m currently on the road and I stopped in New Orleans because…well, it’s New Orleans! There are so many writers from this area, not to mention the amount of literature found in this… Continue reading

The Birth of Venus

I picked up this memoir mostly because it had a great title: Change Me into Zeus’s Daughter. How interesting to have the title be a request–or perhaps a demand! In addition, which daughter… Continue reading

You Deserve Good Books

When I found out You Deserve Nothing was a story set in Paris, I had to read it. There are times when I want to read a certain kind of book, or a book… Continue reading

Knit and Bitch

I picked up The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood even though my affair with knitting ended with a crooked scarf and a bag of unused yarn from Michael’s. A year ago, I read her memoir Comfort… Continue reading

Writer’s Homes: Lope de Vega and Cervantes

A while ago, I had the opportunity to visit the homes of Cervantes and Lope de Vega. They lived in the same time period (Spanish Golden Age) and they lived on the same… Continue reading

Reading July in August

I just read No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July, a woman known for her work in performance art and films. Several of the short stories in this book were published… Continue reading

Making Writing a Practice, an Old Friend

Natalie Goldberg is a long time writer and a follower of Zen Buddhism. I admit that I haven’t read her novels. But her writing books are wonderful! I recently picked up a copy… Continue reading

Turning a New Page (and Abusing Puns)

Welcome to my blog about books, writing and anything else I think important to post. So why did I create this blog? Several reasons. I used to teach composition classes at a community… Continue reading