Intensive Care

I found Rahul Mehta’s Quarantine and initially I thought it was more about being gay in an Indian family. While dealing with the super taboo element in the Indian family, there are many… Continue reading

Just to Spite You

Susan Gregory Thomas’ memoir In Spite of Everything is an interesting look into Generation X mixed with her own analysis of what caused her divorce. A daughter of a broken home and an… Continue reading

Lit Shirts

There are some people out there who get really annoyed when they see someone reading a book that has a movie-produced cover. I’m just happy to see people reading! In light of those… Continue reading

Good Grief

I finally read Grief by Andrew Holleran. It’s a novel about a middle-aged gay man who has recently lost his mother, a woman he meticulously cared for until her death. Feeling that he… Continue reading

Writing to Heal

A while back, I took a course at The Writer’s Center called “Writing for Wellness.” The majority of the class consisted of women who were battling different stages of illness. While I was… Continue reading

Inspired by Anna Karenina

I have just discovered Banana Republic released new styles inspired by the new film Anna Karenina. Not only that, but here’s the trailer to the new movie starring Kiera Knightley as Anna and… Continue reading

They Come in Threes…

When I lived in Madrid, I noticed that everyone (and I mean everyone) was reading those Steig Larsson novels. I had never heard of this author, nor of his bestseller Millennium Trilogy, The… Continue reading

Food, Glorious Food!

Do you ever read a book and when the narrator begins to describe the food eaten, you salivate? You suddenly put the book down, raid your fridge, thinking you must eat that meal… Continue reading


A year ago, I read an excerpt of Kyoko Mori’s memoir, The Dream of Water, in a writing class. My classmated commented on her ability to write about her mother’s horrific suicide with… Continue reading

Looking at Our Brain while Reading Austen

I came across this article today where an English professor is studying a person’s brain activity while reading Austen. “The experiment focuses on literary attention, or more specifically, the cognitive dynamics of the… Continue reading