Remember Me This Way

IMG_0395This novel was a fun thriller and creeped me out in the spirit of Halloween.

Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant is the story of a widow, Lizzie, who has mourned the death of her husband, Zach, for the past year. She returns to the bend where his car crashed and incinerated him. She finds that someone else has left flowers.

This sets Lizzie off to discover more. She finally returns to her husband’s studio, which she left untouched for the past year. She retraces her steps and begins to wonder: is her husband still alive?

If you enjoyed Gone Girl, this is another great read in the same vein. It’s a marriage that isn’t what it seems. Over the course of the narrative, we get to better understand how Zach and Lizzie got together, and how their relationship developed. The style is similar to Gone Girl as well, with dueling chapters where the same events occur through Lizzie and Zach’s diary. It all leads to a very satisfying conclusion that was totally unexpected.

Personally, this was a fun read that I got through fast. Durrant does a nice job crafting the major characters. The writing style was simple, but flowed well. I was eager to read it to the end and find out what happens.