An Untamed State

IMG_0436This novel was intense. Really intense. But also really really good. I love anything Roxane Gay writes–and she writes a lot! Her website is a slew of online and print publications along with books she has published. My writing friends have met her and love her, and I enjoy her unapologetic tweets admiring Channing Tatum.

Anyway, enough about the author! An Untamed State is a novel about Mireille, the daughter of wealthy Haitians who was kidnapped and kept for a ransom. When she is finally freed, she isn’t the same person anymore, and she tries to find her way back to her husband and infant son. The time in captivity has changed her, and she feels like she won’t be able to return to her happy life as a wife and mother in Florida.

It’s all about the sentences for me. Gay can write a sentence. It looks like a simple sentence construction, but it contains so much heart that I can’t stand it. In echoing the book blurb from Edwidge Dandicat, you can’t put this book down. There are moments where it feels like too much, where you feel like you need a break or something good to happen. But you keep reading. Because you hope for some good somewhere in the end.