The Lonely Polygamist

IMG_0434The Mormon faith is intriguing to me, and not only because they have beautiful temples all over the United States. I’m just fascinated at why they believe what they believe and how their religion governs how they live and make a family.

Brady Udall’s The Lonely Polygamist is the story of Golden Richards, a prominent man in his church married to four women. Things are not going well for Golden; jobs in construction are slowing down, and he has to travel into Nevada for work. In addition, he’s exhausted with coming home to a slew of rambunctious children and demanding wives that have secret alliances. While working, he meets a new woman and teeters on the possibility of an affair.

While there is a large amount of characters, the novel focuses on a few prominent people: Golden, Trish (the 4th wife), and Rusty, one of the sons who is always getting into trouble. For these characters, we receive more of a backstory, and we come to sympathize for most of them. In most chapters, we move into different characters with different voices, and Rusty’s is the most distinct.

I went into reading this book with some assumptions about what would happen, and I have to say that I was surprised. The ending was not what I had expected, and I don’t plan on giving it away. I think this is a worthwhile read!