IMG_0154I needed a memoir. I can’t put down a book when it’s based on real events–especially when it’s events that seem impossible to overcome.

In Perfection, Julie Metz details her life as a successful graphic artist, loving mother, and wife. One day at home, her husband suffers cardiac arrest and dies. Metz becomes a widow and single mother in her forties.

While Metz tries to deal with the grief in losing her husband of 13 years, her friends come to help her though the trauma. But some things are kept from her, and they slowly come out.

Her husband had secrets. And relationships. Those secrets betrayed Metz’s trust in her partner. She becomes furious at a ghost as she digs into her husband’s infidelities.

Metz expertly weaves the story, providing flashbacks to when her husband was alive and certain ways he had acted in what were previously thought of as innocuous events. Metz, explores further and discovers another side to the man she had married. She finally has to decide how to come to terms with the information she has learned.

The story pulled me in from the first page. Metz is very objective with her stories, giving the good and bad of her husband, while also admitting to her own errors she had made.