Kiwi Read

IMG_0129I try to get my book recommendations from anywhere. So while I was looking through Buzzfeed (don’t judge me), I saw they had a list of new novelists with promising reads.

I picked out the novel Nobody is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacy because it was about a country I am intrigued with–New Zealand. In addition, it’s about a young woman who has up and left her husband and fled to a new country. Why? Well, it’s hard to explain.

I’m fascinated by stories where I don’t completely grasp the motives of the protagonist. As the narrative progresses, there are some glimpses into Elyria’s past. In addition, while she journey’s through New Zealand, she meanders through serious reflective consciousness. It feels exactly the way my own mind wanders while doing some menial task, only to come back to reality and wonder how I got here.

I was immersed in the journey and the people she met along the way. This is a completely different story from Strayed’s Wild and rightly so. Still, the story had that adventure feel to it that I experienced with Strayed, so the trip was fun!

It’s an enjoyable read and takes you into another country with new people. My only criticism was that I did not like how it ended. It left me exhausted with the protagonist. I don’t want to elaborate more on that because I hope that you read it and make your own assertions.