Spring Cleaning

20140506-164141.jpgI found this memoir randomly on Amazon and decided to check it out. I’m glad I did because it opened my eyes into understanding an illness that I had little knowledge about.

Coming Clean is Kimberly Rae Miller’s memoir about her childhood growing up with a father who was a hoarder. She has wonderful, loving parents, but the state of their apartment becomes so terrible that they share one bed as the only place to move. As she recalls her past, she is traumatized by what she’s experienced. In addition, the atrocious living conditions lead to several stages of full house cleaning, only to have the same collection of papers pop up again.

When I first learned about hoarding, it came from the A&E show, detailing people who were adamant that they had to keep the most minor items because some day it would be useful. Miller grows up in this environment, knowing that she is somehow different from everyone else, yet unsure how to explain it.

Miller felt compelled to write her personal story, and I’m grateful she did. I really admire how she was able to show such a difficult childhood, yet have an unconditional love for them.