Not a Starred Post

20131001-211526.jpgLike most people, I love Jeanette Walls and her memoir The Glass Castle. There’s no doubt that was a well-written memoir, one that made me say “I don’t know how she survived!”

When I heard she had published fiction, I was sure it would be just as good, another chance to enjoy Walls’ prose.

I was sadly disappointed.

The Silver Star starts out strong, centered around Bean, a 12 year old girl living with her mother and older sister. Troubles soon emerge, leaving Bean and her older sister, Liz, setting off to stay with relatives.

From that point on, the story goes downhill for many reasons. Some of the characters feel more like caricatures than actual people. Not many characters are clearly developed. In addition, there was too much summary of events. I was surprised to get to an event that I was certain would get detailed, but ended within a paragraph. Where’s the dialogue? Where’s the hard-earned climax?

I noticed that not a lot of reviews have been published about this book, and the ones that were available mostly summarized the plot. The ones that did have a point seemed to follow along my feeling–this was not a developed and riveting novel.

I still love Jeanette Walls and I believe she does have the potential to create exhilarating reads; however, I hope that her next project goes through much more revision before publishing.