Surviving the End of the World

20130714-192946.jpgSo many people had recommended this novel to me and I finally got it from the library. Vanessa Veselka’s Zazen is a completely unique experience. She has a writing style all her own. But to give a brief synopsis of this novel feels challenging to me. I almost want to leave it at “it’s in it’s own world.”

The novel focuses on Della, a young woman with a Ph.D. in geology who is sighing about the world she lives in: a chaotic hippy-overrun, bomb-threat-active United States. While she listlessly works at organic-vegan restaurants and interacts with a variety of friends, she carries an uncertainty about everything around her.

I would need more pages to explain this novel. It’s not an easy read, but it’s an enjoyable read. Based on the prose, I feel that if I met Veselka, I would think she was thinking on a much higher and more sophisticated level than me. I’m obviously intimidated by all writers, but after reading her novel, it’s clear that she can immerse the reader in a realistic and thought-provoking somewhat post-apocalyptic world.