It All Breaks Down

20130705-100409.jpgI missed my memoirs, so I picked up Isabel Gillies’s Happens Everyday, her personal story about living in one moment with a husband and two children and then facing divorce within a year.

Gillies’s writing style pulled me in. I loved her observations of her childhood, her reflections on how her marriage came to be, and her love for the little city she left an acting career for. It’s easy to get engrossed in this story. She starts her memoir from when she first met her husband and goes all the way through the year that ended in a divorce, something that blindsided her.

Occasionally, her present would interfere with her past and she would make a remark about how some of her husband’s actions should have been red flags to her then. I had hoped the memoir would focus more on her healing process through the tumultuous situation, but it was more about the actual situation and her attempts to ascertain whether her husband had fallen in love with a co-worker.

I felt the memoir needed 2-3 more chapters. Something about how she started the road to moving on. The end speeds up and mentions that she re-married and is very happy now, but I wanted to read/learn more about how she kept a strong face and remained the mother to two children she had with her first husband.

Still, if you’re like me and you want to read something deeply personal and engrossing, check this out.