Viva Italia

20130604-091749.jpgDon’t Move by Margaret Mazzantini was a mystery to me, and even after reading it, the story still somewhat remains that way. I read some reviews on Amazon and decided it was worth a look. The novel begins when Timoteo’s daughter has gotten into a grisly scooter accident and there’s little hope she’ll survive. Timoteo, a surgeon, must wait while his colleagues operate, everyone knowing that there is little chance the girl will live. This time allows Timoteo to confess to this daughter though the pages of this book. He tells his story about how he met another woman and had an affair.

It is said that good art is something that draws you in and makes you think. You need to meditate on it, think about all sides, and come to your own conclusions. That happens with this novel. Primarily, it happens because of the relationship between Timoteo and Italia, an older woman who is always described in ghastly terms, yet the protagonist is consumed by her. There’s also the question about whether their first tryst was actually rape. As time passes, Timoteo realizes he wants to belong to this woman much more than his beautiful and successful wife.

There are so many lovely lines in this story, especially the ones where Timoteo is writing about his daughter, currently in the operating room. There were many moments where I was crying while reading this novel. While Timoteo’s actions could be viewed as dishonorable and immoral, you feel sympathy for a poor man. A man who did everything he was supposed to do and once he tried to do something out of the ordinary, he found happiness.