Wolf It Down!

wolf hallThere are certain things I can’t get enough of: sea salt brownies, kitten videos and British royal history. It’s my shtick.  Even though it sometimes feels like the story of King Henry VIII has been told numerous times, I was ready for a fresh new version.

Wolf Hall focuses on Thomas Cromwell, who moves from assisting Cardinal Wosley to ousting Thomas More as Lord Chancellor to the king. It’s not only a retelling of this compelling story, but it is also an immersion into English life. Cromwell is the protagonist, a man from a harsh childhood who escaped it to become a powerful adviser to the king. While Cromwell isn’t the most moral character, he is extremely likeable.

I have to admit that there were times when reading this novel that I recalled scenes from the HBO series “The Tudors.”

It may sound strange, but I was a little taken aback from the title Wolf Hall, which is Jane Seymour’s house. While Jane does come to a more central role in a few years, in this novel, she is a shy maid to Anne Boleyn, a fair girl with the rumor of family incest trailing behind her.

This is the first novel to a trilogy, and I’ve heard that the second one Bringing Up the Bodies is even better! I’m anxious to start the next one!