photoI was finally next on the library hold queue for Swimming Home by Deborah Levy. A friend recommended this novel, and when I found out the story was set in a villa in the French countryside, I dived right in.

The story mostly revolves around Kitty Finch, a very odd young Englishwoman who is both beautiful and unpredictable. She is found naked in the swimming pool. One of the people staying at he villa, Isabel, insists that she stays for the week. The story only takes place within a week and during that time, we learn more about this rather strange group of characters, from the poet Joe (whose real name is Jozep) to the dreadlocked older German caretaker, Jurgen.

I really admired Levy’s succinct language. It’s a rather short novel, but she can say so much in a sentence. This was a novel that I had to look over again and reread the beginning. There’s a feeling of mystery in the story, of what is being kept secret and what will be revealed in the end. And yet, the end is not obvious, and leaves us a small shock.

Levy is a talented writer. I plan to keep her name in mind the next time I’m perusing a bookstore for a good read!