Moss Part II

photoI sometimes wonder if a person can write a memoir and still keep on writing. Isn’t the story already out there? What else can you write about as memoir?

I read Barbara Robinette Moss’s Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter months ago and story still comes vividly to my mind. Moss has a wonderful talent for creating childhood scenes that get etched into your mind.

I finally picked up Fierce, Moss’s second memoir. This story focused on her life as an adult and mother. And it’s a completely different feeling compared to her first work! Through short chapters with astounding drama, Moss crafts her world of trying to find love with abusive men while attempting to have enough money for food and school. The story goes through her enrollment in college and graduate school, working part-time while dating men she can’t escape from. I’m yelling at the book (more directly at the men) when she’s on dates with obnoxious men that want to “experience poverty” while she is trying to sneak the bread rolls into her purse. I’m on the verge of tears as Moss comes to the realization that her baby is the one being in the word that needs her and only her.

When I initially picked up this book, I thought it would mostly be about raising her son as a single mother. While that is a prominent thread, the memoir is also about Moss’s addition to poisonous men and her inability to let go of them. She finds herself a divorcee a few times. While I am fascinated with the relationships she discusses, there are some men, such as her 2nd ex-husband, that she seems to gloss over.

All in all, this was yet another wonderful memoir from Moss!