Fostering Love

photo-1I guess I’m on a memoir kick lately because I’ve just finished Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. It’s yet another amazing memoir that I highly recommend!

Rhodes-Courter was only 3 years old when she was taken from her mother and put into the foster care system.  For the next several years, she would bounce around from one foster home to the next, not knowing whether to trust her new foster parents or fear their harsh punishments. Throughout it all, she yearns to return to her mother, who she doesn’t realize is battling her own demons with drugs.

Rhodes-Courter’s story was originally an essay that won a contest in The New York Times. Her story does have a happy ending; she is adopted by supportive and loving parents. Their relationship is rocky for awhile, but in the end, Rhodes-Courter finds a way to trust her parents. Now, she’s an advocate for foster care in the state of Florida. I started to do some research on her and I was amazed at all of the accomplishments she’s made!

Nonetheless, Three Little Words is a heartbreakingly lucid memoir about one girl’s nightmares through the foster care system. It’s a shocking account of what can happen to children under state bureaucracy.