It’s a Mad Mad World

So, I read this book because it was required for a writing class I’m taking. In any other situation, I probably wouldn’t have picked up this book. But if you’re an avid viewer of the hit show Mad Men, perhaps you’d be interested in this book Mad Women by Jane Maas.

Maas worked as a copywriter for a high-end ad agency in 1960s New York. For years, her priorities were work, then husband, then kids. Now that Mad Men is so popular and she’s retired, many people are asking her what it was really like working with people like Don Draper. So she wrote this memoir. The real Mad Men with all the juicy details…

For me, this memoir was hard to enjoy. Maas generalizes things that happened in the past, which made it hard for me to keep interested. I wanted more detailed stories and specific instances. Yes, she does admit that there were some crazy things happening within the office (also remember that rules on sexual harassment weren’t in effect yet). Still, I’m not a big fan of writing that just tells me general ideas on what things were like back then. Tell me your story!

While I did admire her honesty about how she dealt with her family, she is unapologetic. This was they way things were, in her opinion. No need to have remorse about the past.