Inspired by Anna Karenina

I have just discovered Banana Republic released new styles inspired by the new film Anna Karenina.

Not only that, but here’s the trailer to the new movie starring Kiera Knightley as Anna and Jude Law as her husband Alexi Alexandrovich (yeah, that’s his name). When I read the novel, I always imagined Anna to be more curvy and voluptuous. Well, here’s to hoping the movie attempts to stay true to the novel.

In light of the anticipated film, I have some advice to anyone brave enough to take on the 900-paged Tolstoy novel:

-Try to read the novel everyday. There are a lot of characters and a lot of people to keep in mind. In addition, there are subplots that return every other chapter.

-Read the novel in a quiet place. For me, it’s hard to get lost in this novel when there’s a lot of noise or distractions around. I need a few minutes to absorb the language and become acquainted with the environment.

-If you do throw down the novel in frustration, don’t worry! I picked up this novel once and it just didn’t work. I couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t until several years later when I was older (and I had more free time) that I was able to fully enjoy it. I hope I’ll have another opportunity again, preferably before the opening of this film!