Food, Glorious Food!

Do you ever read a book and when the narrator begins to describe the food eaten, you salivate? You suddenly put the book down, raid your fridge, thinking you must eat that meal you just read about?

I hope I’m not alone. While reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84, I had to eat hard boiled eggs with buttered toast every morning. When I read Aoname was eating this for breakfast, I thought “this sounds good!” and hurried over to my stove.

An artist named Dinah Fried made those meals a reality in her photo series Fictitious Dishes. According to the synopsis, she created meals that reflect her impression of the story. I kinda wished she remade an exact dish from the story. But, as you see from the photos, each meal does portray a story, a specific setting. I tried to just look at the meal and guess the novel it was from. Didn’t work too well, but the photos are still pretty neat. I’d consider decorating my kitchen with them.