Writer’s Homes: Tennessee Williams

New Orleans is home to many important American writers. In most gift shops, you’ll find a collection of novels under the sign “New Orleans authors.”

And then there are some writers who set up shop in the city. I can see why writers like Tennessee Williams would take up residence here. One block away from the Faulkner house, you can find the apartment where Williams wrote Streetcar Named Desire.

Where Williams wrote Streetcar

On another street in the Northern part of the French Quarter, there’s another house deemed Williams’ home. Sadly, both places are not for public viewing. There are people who live in the house and have put up a “Beware of Dog” sign for any literary trespassers.

A plaque stating that Williams owned this house and wrote Memoirs here.

Tennessee Williams’ house

I love the iron work around the balconies! Essential New Orleans style!

I’m in the middle of a great book that I hope to post about soon!