Writer’s Homes: William Faulkner

I’m currently on the road and I stopped in New Orleans because…well, it’s New Orleans!

There are so many writers from this area, not to mention the amount of literature found in this swamp town (if you haven’t read Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, please check it out!)

Right beside the St. Louis Cathedral in the middle of town is Faulkner’s home. Faulkner actually had a few homes, but this is where he started writing. It was 1924–before As I Lay Dying or Absalom! Absalom! were confusing, frustrating and illuminating readers.

It is here in this house that he wrote Soldier’s Pay, his first novel.

The first floor of the house is now a bookstore filled with great books. “We mostly have fiction in honor of Faulkner,” the owner, Rosemary, told me.

I couldn’t leave without a book, so I picked up Stephen King’s On Writing. “This is a good one!” Rosemary told me as she gave me my receipt. I wanted to ask her if I could stay and live in this cozy home.