Turning a New Page (and Abusing Puns)

Welcome to my blog about books, writing and anything else I think important to post.

So why did I create this blog? Several reasons.

I used to teach composition classes at a community college. It was there that I discovered the majority of my students didn’t read, or barely ever picked up a book unless it was a requirement for a course. The most reading they would do in a day would be when receiving text messages on their phones.

Then I watched the big hulabaloo about these new books that weren’t extremely well-executed, but had a giant cult following. I do believe that we have a right to like what we like, I want to encourage everyone to start reading more frequently and a wider range of literature.

Not only is it helpful to read more, but how do you read? What is the environment like? Is it noisy and distracting, or is it tranquil, the few moments before you nod off to sleep? Are you actively picking up a text or are you touching an iPad or Kindle? This affects how we take in a text as well.

Some of my friends have blogs about health and how important it is to keep running as a daily practice. Haruki Murakami makes this correlation as well in What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Reading (and writing) should become a daily practice in our lives.